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Sunday, February 6, 2011

365-36,37 ,38 Sun Flare

                                 Exposure M   SS 1/800   f/22   ISO 200   Lens 18-105

                                 Exposure M   SS 1/800   f/22   ISO 200   Lens 50mm 

Both photos where taken the same day a few minutes apart.the top photo was taken last. The other lens made a big differences.  

                                                    Manual   SS1/250   f/9  ISO 200
 I added one more photo, I took this one the other night I love the gold tones on the snow. It was t beautiful  for about 10 mins and then it was gone. 
 Here is the tutorial for the sunburst  http://everydayelementsonline.com/2011/01/how-to-photograph-sunburst/


wayne15575 said...

I rather prefer the first one the 18-105. Enjoy the sunshine while it last.

Tracy said...

Great flares.

Kara said...

ok WOW! Love that first flare. So, what was the lens set at for that actual photo? Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Love the first flare! Great job!

Kim said...

I have the setting under the photos.. they will be much darker, then I took them into photo shop and lighten them up. there is a tutorial for that shot I will post the link.
thank you for all the comments

Kim said...

Humm the tutorial was not at the site I though it was. It will take a few days to run across it again.. sorry.

Amanda said...

Awesome sun flare!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, total awesomeness!!! Love them!

Anita said...

That first shot of the flare is amazing! Love these.